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On November 14 we found DP down in his pasture under a tree, struggling to rise. After a great deal of encouragement, we got him up. Dale brought the trailer into his pasture and he followed me into the horse trailer like the good boy he always was. Dale started off to Balzac to the surgeons, not knowing what was wrong. Right by Lacombe he felt a great ruckus going on in the back, and pulled over to investigate. He found DP down in the trailer, dead. I can't even begin to relate the way I felt, when the trailer pulled into the yard just 2 hours after he had left. I knew in my heart of hearts it could only mean one thing, although I tried to think of a reason why he would have brought him home, rather than continuing onto the vets.

We have had the misfortune of losing four horses in 2002, but nothing prepared me for the heart wrenching pain I felt when I knew that our beloved DP was no more. An autopsy the following day showed a severely shattered pelvis. The vet shook his head in wonder at the heart and determination it took, for DP to even get up, never mind load in that trailer. He told us he had done it "just for us".

We bought DP in November of 1996 from Wayne & Debra Jack. He was a green broke four year old. We sent him for six weeks training, in the spring of '97, to a local English trainer. Leah Goin and myself showed him that season and he was the AWHA Hi-Point 2-Gait Junior Horse. In the following five years he went on to become Canada's Premier Breeding Stallion for four consecutive years. He produced beautiful, even-tempered, wonderfully gaited foals, no matter what the mare.

2002 saw several of his offspring grace the show ring,under saddle, run-walking their way to the ribbons. He leaves behind over one hundred offspring to carry on his legacy. All the horses your see "walking" down left side of our web-pages are his. Many will remember him trucking around his pasture, and our yard, Dale on his back, with nothing but a halter and lead shank for tack. He was a perfect gentleman and won the hearts of all who knew him. We feel very blessed indeed to have owned this magnificent stallion. We would like to express our gratefullness to all our wonderful friends and aquaintances, from all over the United States, Canada, and even Austrailia, who took the time to phone, email, visit and write, to express their condolences. It meant more to us than you can ever know. Coin's Double Play is buried in his pasture, where he lived for six years, a happy,content, and much loved horse.

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