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Meet our "Golden Masterpiece," he is a solid "Gold" stallion. Tango's disposition is
unbeatable, his even temper, quiet nature make Tango a truly remarkable horse.

He is sired by Ebony's Director (Ebony Masterpiece x Delights Delectable)
and is a product of N-Mile Angel's Halo (Final's Goldwell x A Coin's Secret Angel).
"Tango" as he is known as, has WC and WGC all over his pedigree, such as:
Ebony Masterpiece, Skipper Son Midnight, Pride's Final Edition, Sun's Delight D, Coin's Double Play these fine horses will be passed on to your little ones should you decide to "Tango".
He also boosts such greats as Midnight Sun, Merry Boy, Pride Of Midnight and Prides Gold Coin

Tango has been color DNA varified to carry one copy of cream CR/cr and one copy of Agouti, A/a..agouti is the gene that limits the black to the points, mane, tail and socks, so for those seeking a buckskin if you have a black base horse this will be a very good chance at getting such a horse, and with this pedigree this colt boosts you sure cant go wrong.

This is truely the best breed Palomino Stallion in the world!
Anyone care to "Tango"!

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